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I have searched a wide variety of online sources, done my own extensive research, and compiled for you here a list of the best, top rated inversion tables on the market today. There are no ‘bad’ products listed here, only the best of the best. As part of my methodology, I considered ONLY tables that got 4 and 5 star reviews from a vast majority of customers who had purchased them. I decided to summarize the 4 and 5 star review counts because these generally come from customers who are absolutely delighted (or very pleased), and would recommend the model they purchased to a friend.





Note here that the 1 and 2 star reviews weren’t summed and presented in the same way that the 4 and 5 star reviews were. This is because in the vast majority of cases where a product gets a low rating, it’s not the product itself that’s being rated, but difficulties in assembly, or poor packaging, or a bad experience with customer service. While all of these are important in their way, they have nothing to do with the quality of the actual product in question.

EP960topIt is worth mentioning too, that many models are sold under more than one product name by different sellers, which can lead to tremendous confusion. For instance, the Ironman Gravity 3000 is also sold as the Ironman 5800. Another inetresting example is the Ironman LX300, which is also sold as the Ironman Essex 990. To further muddy the waters in this particular case, the Exerpeutic Stretch 300 is the exact same machine as the Ironman LX300, but with a backrest that is marginally narrower.

Understand that my list of top-rated inversion tables can only be treated as a guide. You must be aware that it is constantly evolving as more customer reviews come in for each product.


Some Interesting Statistics About the Current Top Rated Inversion Tables List:

Ep550top• All ten spots are occupied by only two different brands of Inversion Tables. The ‘Ironman’ brand, a well known name in sporting events, and the ‘Teeter Hang Up,’ which is equally well known based on their TV ads

• Every model on the list is manufactured in China

• None of the models fall under the $100 price barrier

• None of the tables can be locked at a given angle. Rather, all use a tether strap, which is a simple, low-tech solution to adjust the maximum inversion angle

Every ankle locking system in the top ten is built with either front and rear cups, or rear cups and front foam rollers. None of the tables in the top ten has four foam rollers to hold your heels

• All have a solid frame with stabilizers in their corners to maximize the width of the table’s base for greater stability


Five out of the six Ironman tables on the list present an evolution in construction. The most basic table, the Ironman Gravity 1000 holds the 9th position. It is characterized by long hand bars, a very simple backrest composed of a nylon cover, stretched over a steel frame, and an ankle locking system with four cups, padded with tough rubber. The spring-loaded pin used to lock the ankles is placed very low on the unit.


The next in the evolution line is the Ironman Gravity 2000, which holds the 6th position. It has a few additional features over and above the Gravity 1000 design. For instance, the backrest has been changed somewhat, utilizing heavier vinyl and a 2” foam padding. Its successor, though, the Ironman Gravity 3000 (also called the Ironman 5800) has a few additional features. In addition to being made of a wider, heavy-duty frame capable of supporting weights up to 350 pounds, the backrest has an impressive 2.5” memory foam. The ankle locking system has a fantastic adjusting ratchet with an extended knee-height handle.


All of these features remain unchanged in the Ironman Gravity 1000, much to the delight of the 4000’s users. This table has an additional, easy to remove lumbar pillow, but is missing two handles in the corners of the back U-shaped frame that its predecessor had. In the 7th position, you can find the Ironman IFT 4000, which is an interesting combination of inversion and heat therapy. It has all the features found on the Gravity 3000 and 4000 models, and adds Far Infrared Rays (FIR) pad fitted in the backrest.


The last position is taken by another Ironman table which is of different construction. The LX300, which is the only table in the list that supports a weight capacity of less than 300 lbs. The ankle locking system is composed of rear rubber padded cups and front foam rollers with a simple adjustable locking mechanism placed between the ankles.

All of the Teeter Hang Ups inversion tables present in this ranking have the same rotating foot platform, but differ in the shape of their side handles. The backrests sit on the same frame, supporting up to 300 lbs, with the two newer models (the EP-560 and EP-960) featuring a very small difference in the shape of the bottom part of the back A frame.


The older couple (the EP-550 and EP-950) have the same flexible backrest replaced later on by the two-part backrest with built-in handles around the head area for better stretching. That backrest only allows for customization with a lumbar bridge and acupressure nodes.


The more expensive models EP-950, and its successor, the EP-960 have a great ratchet ankle locking system when compared with the EP-550/560 models, that also comes with high density foam padded cups, providing the best possible comfort for the ankles. Additionally, they’re fitted with traction handles for extra stretching and decompression.


The main factor that has to be considered when comparing the inversion tables on the top ten list is price. The most expensive Ironman inversion table costs less than the cheapest Teeter table. The Teeter Hang Ups tables have a light and flexible backrest, whereas the Ironman beds are rigid with soft foam atop. There’s one additional feature that’s worth mentioning here: all Teeter tables come with an unbeatable 5 year warranty.

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