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Inversion Tables – Which One Is The Best?


How to determine the best inversion tableThere is a huge number of inversion table models on the market these days, which invariably lead to confusion when customers begin researching the topic to try and make a good decision about which table is right for them. Finding the best inversion table might take ages. All rankings and suggestions of manufacturers, marketers, and reviewers turn out to be pretty useless, as they don’t answer the one question that customers invariably ask: “What is the best inversion table FOR ME?”

Without including the last two words in that question, the answer would be both simple and obvious. The best inversion table would certainly be the most expensive, outfitted with all the available features and accessories. On top of that, it would be motorized. Of course, the unit just described doesn’t actually exist, and everyone knows why. Simply put, not every user wants, needs, or is willing to pay for every conceivable feature. Thus the dilemma and the difficulty in actually answering the question.

Below, I’m going to list the best inversion tables along various points of the price spectrum, and this should help you to narrow your search to the devices that come the closes to meeting your specific needs.


In terms of the most popular inversion tables among buyers, there are two units that have been fighting for the top spot for a few years now. The Body Champ inversion table may be lacking in bells and whistles but it is probably the best value for the money. It does the job and does it well. It’s comfortable and fairly lightweight, which matters when it comes to storage. It’s also sturdy enough to securely invert your body upside down.

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The Ironman Gravity 4000 often falls under the $200 price barrier. For that price, you get an extremely sturdy and comfortable machine, fitted with a removable lumbar pillow and one of the best ankle locking systems in the entire industry. Also, it has one of the highest weight capacities of any machine on the market, able to handle 350 pounds. The Ironman Gravity 4000 is also the best inversion table according to customers’ reports, which means people just love it!


Teeter Hang Ups EP-560 Ltd Inversion TableThe most innovative and highest quality inversion tables are also the most expensive. These are made by Teeter Hang Ups. Their model, Teeter EP-560 is probably the most popular among them. Despite its relatively affordable price, it’s fitted with a number of useful features and provides the user with extreme comfort and security. It’s an incredibly versatile machine as there are a number of accessories you can add to the device. These range from acupressure nodes, a lumbar extender, a vibration cushion, and even inversion boots. All Teeter Hang Ups tables have an excellent storage solution engineered into them, and the ability to lock out in full inversion. This, of course, allows the tables to be used to perform a variety of inverted exercises which can be used to strengthen your core muscles.

Another very popular Teeter model is the EP-960, which is the successor of the EP-560 described above. It stands out as having the most sophisticated and comfortable ankle holding system.



[contextazon id=’20’]All of the above mentioned tables, although excellent, are missing one feature that is commonly asked for by customers. Namely, none of them can be locked out at any desired incline angle. You can only limit the angle of incline the tables can achieve by adjusting the length of the table’s tether strap. Unfortunately, this would not stop the table from rotating back to its upright position. Some inversion tables are fitted with a braking mechanism for that specific reason, and this is an excellent feature that is curiously absent from the Teeter's line. The Teeter machines however, are truly a regular ab training system. Coincidentally, all of them are manufactured by the Ironman, with the Ironman Atis 1000 being the most popular model.


If you’re looking for a relaxing inversion experience, then the table you want is the Ironman IFT 4000. It combines great comfort with infrared therapy for gentle heating of your muscles during use.

There is a huge number of customers who have limited space who are looking for an excellent inversion table with a great storage solution. Unfortunately, storage is something of a sore spot for where inversion tables are concerned. Many of them don’t fold at all, and the ones that do are still fairly heavy and cumbersome. Bear in mind that light weight and flat dimension generally mean a sacrifice of sturdiness, comfort, safety, or some combination of all three. You’ll want to pay close attention to what you find in the “Storage” section of every review to determine whether or not the device meets your particular needs.

Folding of inversion Table

In the end, what might be most helpful is to ask a more specific question such as:

These more specific questions take the place of the generic one asked earlier, and in asking something more specific you may find your way to the answer that much more quickly. The “Inversion Helps!” website was built with the purpose of providing answers to all of these questions, and more in mind. Ultimately, our hope is to help you find the answer to the first question we asked, “What is the best inversion table for me?” 

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