Why Is The Ironman Gravity 4000 Inversion Table A Best Seller

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It is no surprise that you came across the IRONMAN GRAVITY 4000 inversion table review in an early stage of your research as it's been a best-selling inversion table for years now. This table offers excellent quality and comes at an affordable price. It’s made in China and is covered with one year warranty for the frame. Parts and workmanship is covered for 90 days.

What struck me first was plenty of enthusiastic reviews from people who have experienced relief with their herniated or slipped disc symptoms or back pain. Some people reported significant changes in their blood circulation after a few sessions. It was a real surprise to find out some use inversion therapy on an ad hoc basis to help with their headaches. I was intrigued to discover the reason behind the popularity of that device. Actually I found a few of them.



Safety – How Much Weight Can It Support?

The Gravity inversion table is designed for one of the biggest weight capacities among non-motorized devices. To withstand that strain its frame is built of an extra wide tubular steel. This is heavy but rigid at the same time and is resistant to any external pressure. The powder coated finish frame offers more durability than its painted predecessors. In addition to being more durable it also reduces the risk of scratches, abrasions and even rust.

In order to achieve as high as possible base-to-height ratio stability the U shaped frames are fitted with tough rubber stabilizers in the corners. They will prevent any movement during the session but you will need to remember that it will be hard to move the Gravity 4000 around the room if you want to fold it. Especially if you have to move it on carpet.
Despite the bed being very wide there is no danger that your fingers might get pinched between the bed and the frame. The manufacturer may want you to keep your hands away from the folding arms that are vinyl covered .

Tough rubber stabilizers

Once you have balanced the table and are familiar with inversion therapy you can easily
 control the inverting movement by only using your hands. Otherwise you can always use the long foamed handles attached to the frame sides. They are called 'safety handles' as you can use them to stop the inversion and pull back up in case anything goes wrong.

This Gravity inversion system pivot arms have 3 positions you can use to increase or decrease the inversion range. In the early stages of your adventure with inversion therapy you should use the bottom holes which will keep your gravity point away from the axis of rotation. This will slow the inversion and you won't be able to fully invert. Once you are more familiar with that setting then you can try a more aggressive position. No matter how aggressive your set up is (or what position the pivot arms are in) you can always limit the inversion angle using the provided tether. This is the adjustable strap with carabiners at each end connecting the inversion table frame and its backrest. You can adjust the length of that strap so it is taut when the table is tilted to the desired angle. This strap prevents the table from tilting any further than its length.



Comfortable Backrest

The solid vinyl backrest is covered with 2 ½ inches of padded memory foam so you will not sink into it like a memory foam mattress but it does add extra cushion and comfort to the back support.
The Ironman 4000 is a straight evolution of the Gravity 1000, Gravity 2000 and Gravity 3000 – better known as Ironman 5800. It looks like lessons have been learned and the nylon backrest cover was replaced with vinyl and extra stitches were added to hold up to abuse. The back support is nice and wide to add to the overall level of comfort and feeling of security.

The other result of that evolution is a lumbar pillow. It can be a great support for your lumbar curve in the same way as a pillow behind your back when sitting for a long time. This pillow is attached to the backrest by Velcro and can be easily removed when not required. The attachment is adjustable to some degree but may not be comfortable if you are around 5ft tall.

The extra-long safety handles are also covered in foam for your extra comfort. These side handles give you complete control over how far you’re inverted and make it easier to return.


How Comfortable Is the Ankle Locking System?

Gravity 4000 Ankle locking system

Despite the inversion session lasts a few minutes, it is natural to expect some insecurity or pain when it is considered that the whole weight of the body will be held by your ankles.
The heel holders have molded cushions to reduce fatigue and discomfort. You can hop on the wide foot platform without shoes. You can then adjust comfortably the lock around the shape of your ankles without bending over too much using the long handle. This is a huge advantage in comparison to simple spring-loaded locking systems where the lock can't be adjusted as precisely as in Ironman 4000.


Does the Table Come Semi Assembled?

The Ironman 4000 inversion table should take anywhere between sixty to ninety minutes to assemble. The user manual is included and it contains easy and logical assembly directions. Make sure that you have room for it before you begin the assembly. This will prevent you having to fold it up for storage when it is not in use. Some people may find that they need an extra pair of hands to help them with the initial assembly.
A wrench and screwdriver are included. You will probably want to throw them out as soon as you have finished the job as you will almost certainly have better tools of your own.


How Easy Is It to Fold For Storage?

The Ironman Gravity 4000 can be folded up by pressing both U shape frames together to store against a wall or in a closet. If you wish to store it under a bed you need to consider that even when folded it is still heavy and bulky. A lot of effort is needed to slide it under a bed as its folded dimensions are 80"H x 26"W x 17"D. A bed with a higher clearance will be needed if the table is to be stored underneath.
You could remove the bench from the frame which may require the removal of two screws, fold the U shape frame and store it in two pieces but this would still take a lot of effort and may take up to 30 minutes to complete the process.

>>Grab it now before the price goes up>>



Be prepared for a heavy (83lbs) and big parcel (51"L x 29"W x 9"H) at your door that will then turn into an overall setup of 49"L x 26"W x 65"H and 75lbs. This table has been tested and stays sturdy for a maximum user weight of 350lbs. There is no minimum weight capacity. You can use the Gravity inversion therapy table safely if you are anywhere between 4'9" and 6'6" tall. The table adjusts to 6'9" but you will want to leave up to 3 inches of space for any balance adjustment. For those who want to use their inversion table in a low ceiling basement for example, there is one more dimension to remember: at the maximum adjustment the table is 7'5" tall when inverted.

It looks to me like the Amazon page descriptions have been thoughtlessly copied with quick reckless corrections that cause plenty of misunderstandings and mistakes. The description of the Ironman 4000 inversion table says that the max user weight is 300lbs whereas its manual confirms that it is 350lbs. A similar problem occurs with the backrest cover which is first described as nylon but then a few lines later the description refers to a 'memory foam covered vinyl backrest'.



Can the Inverted Exercises Be Done?

Gravity 4000 Set UpThe Gravity 4000 can be set up so it suits you best. First you should adjust the inversion angle range. There are three holes in each of the pivot arms which are attached to the bed frame sides. If you use the lower holes (closest to the bed frame) you will achieve a lessened inversion range which is what you will need if you are using the table for the first time. If you are confident enough with inversion therapy you can use the higher holes. This will cause more aggressive rotation but will allow full inversion to be achieved.

Full inversion means 180 degrees which is literally upside down. This is sometimes referred to as 90 degrees inversion if the angle is counted from the leveled position (check out my post "Inversion Tables – Confusing Terms" for more information).
Next you would need to adjust your height. The table is adjustable with a height scale on its boom that makes adjusting easier. To adjust it you will need to pull on the spring loaded knob with one hand and slide the boom in or out with another. It is not too difficult but can become annoying if more than one person regularly uses the table and the height has to be adjusted each time.

The last adjustment you might need to do is to set up the tether strap length to control the angle of inversion. The nylon strap has a plastic buckle to make it easier. However there are no indicators on the strap so it can't be easily adjusted back and forth if more than one person uses the inversion table.












  • The Ironman 4000 inversion table ankle restraint solution is really comfortable. To be honest I can't imagine it wouldn't be especially if you consider the whole weight of your body is held by this
  • Safety handles. It's easy to invert once you have balanced the table by gently raising only your hands but you can also control your pace and incline angle or return using long side handles that are always in your reach.
  • The memory foam of the bench gives you great feeling of relaxation during the session
  • This machine is heavy and sturdy but this feature gives a great feeling of safety and stability even if you weigh 350lbs.


As the Gravity 4000 lacks a convenient method for setting angles you won't be able to lock into any position. This is a real drawback if you want to use it for inverted exercises like sit ups or abs core training – this is possible when you are fully inverted only.

To set desired maximum inversion you have to use the provided adjustable nylon strap with a safety hooks at both ends. These two clips aren't too solid so never let yourself invert violently.
Another drawback is the lack of any instructional DVD to help with assembly.

Consumer Ratings

95% of users give their purchase 4 or 5 stars and claim they are absolutely or 'just' delighted with it. Some of the three star ratings come from consumers that are annoyed with the poor packaging. I would be annoyed as well having to chase crumbly Styrofoam pieces around my room. Disappointed customers also mentioned in their reviews a flimsy carabiner of the tether strap. However according to the Paradigm Health and Wellness representative the mentioned carabiner has been reinforced and fitted with a protective cover so it’s absolutely safe now.

This unit came in a very poorly designed shipping box. Box was torn open and Styrofoam blocks inside are pulverized… (Read more)

Inversion table met all of my expectations, based on the majority of reviews I read on the Amazon website. The unit arrived in good condition… 



How Does the Price Compare To Other Inversion Tables?

[contextazon id=’5′]The Ironman Gravity 4000 inversion table costs around $200 which seems to me to be a very good and affordable price, especially in comparison to its competition. It's comparable to the Teeter EP-960 inversion table (very similar solutions: ankle restraints, prolonged side handles and solid stabilizers) with the latter being well advertised. However it seems that most people tend to go for the Ironman Gravity 4000 which is half the price of Teeter EP-960.
This table is a natural successor of the Gravity 1000 and Gravity 2000 which are still available on the market and are slightly cheaper. However, buyin the Gravity 4000 for an average of $60 more you get a wider tubular frame, memory foam backrest, adjustable ankle locking system, lumbar pillow and a bigger weight capacity that is not available in other models. These features make the choice much easier, don't they?

Grab Your Ironman Gravity 4000 Therapy Inversion Table at Great Price


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No matter what angle I look at this table from, it’s difficult to find any significant drawbacks. It’s pretty easy to set up and it’s extremely comfortable, sturdy and solid. The most exciting thing about this table, however, has got to be its price. This is the bestselling table on the market and is at the higher end of the $100-$200 segment but this is a price-point that simply can’t be matched. It out ranks nearly all regular inversion tables and can only be fairly compared to the top brands. This model can really be considered the most radical Ironman inversion table.

Besides all this, 95% percent of buyers are happy or very happy with their purchase. I’m pretty sure you will be one of them, if you decide to give it a chance. 

If you feel like you could manage without a lumbar pillow, the Gravity 3000 may be right for you. With it, you would get the extra stretching grips in the back legs corners in exchange for the lumbar support. While retaining all the great features of its famous brother, it usually comes in at less expense than its counterpart.

6 Reasons Why the Ironman Gravity 4000 Inversion Table is A Best Selling

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