Inversion Therapy and Heavy Impact Workouts

Can inversion table help to recover quickly from heavy impact workouts?

Heavy workout

Heavy impact workouts are hard on the human body. Although there are a ton of benefits to be gained, heavy impact exercises can have negative results on an athlete's joints, muscles and spine. We all know that for every action we engage in there is an equal and opposite reaction. This means when you repeat certain activities again and again, there is a chance of overusing and stressing out your body. Conditioned athletes are at a lower risk for injuries than those who do so infrequently, but still, amateur and professional athletes may suffer injuries while exercising.

If you do get hurt while doing heavy impact exercises, why not give inversion therapy a try. People with back problems and pain from slipped discs, a herniated degenerated spinal column, and sciatic can be helped with inversion therapy. Inversion therapy stretches the spine, relieving your back pain quickly. Hanging upside down takes the pressure off the nerves and discs in your spine, while increasing the space between your vertebrae. Just a few minutes a day will help most people get some relief from constant pain.
 Engaging in strenuous activities will cause muscle soreness in most people. Muscles are constantly being re-built as the muscle fibers get torn and replaced with new and better cells. Thousands of these cells are destroyed during every heavy workout. Inversion speeds up muscle development by stimulating the lymph system and increasing blood flow. This removes the lactic acid and dead cell material buildup that occurs during a strenuous workout. The result is reduced muscle aches and faster regrowth of cells.
The lymph system works by pumping fluids up the body as our muscles contract and then relax. Inversion therapy flips you upside down, allowing your lymph system to flow faster, getting rid of the damaged cells quickly. This allows the body to focus more on building new muscles and less on getting rid of waste products. Inversion after exercise reduces the pressure on your discs and helps them replenish the lost moisture in the soft tissues of your joints. This also allows your joints to recover faster.

Benefits of inversion therapy before heavy impact workouts

Did you know that inversion therapy is also good to do before a heavy impact workout? Just about every activity we do compresses our spine. Because inversion causes an increase in moisture in the soft tissues of your joints, this greatly increases shock absorption, flexibility, and reduces your chances of injury. Since you now know that strenuous exercise depletes the moisture within your joints, preparing for this before exercising will help your overall workout. Just a few minutes on the inversion table before and after your workout will do wonders for your body.

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