Choosing From Ultimate Massage Therapy Cushion

Heat therapy is an excellent addition to inversion therapy

Massage therapy is now the best way to unwind after a long day of an up and down ordinary day hustles. Technology advancement has being force to move at a furiously fast pace to the mind of a human being and striving to make our lifestyle much easier each and an every day. Thus it’s now more effective to own a massage therapy pad than to pass through a massage spa for such services nevertheless even spas will opt to use a the same massage therapy solution since it’s fast and effective.

This innovation comes as a result of the busy lifestyle schedule that people face today where there are more working hours to make ends meet and little time for exercise and unwinding.

The inversion tables and cushions are an innovation that came into the market in the late 1980’s intended to emulate the techniques used in an actual physical massage, now with a more effective, efficient experience. Individuals can own the massage therapy device now, enjoy it benefits while at the comfort of your home, and achieve all desired benefits of ailments like back pain, tension, relieving stress, and relaxing your muscles. The question now come down to which massage therapy solution is the best in the market.

This review takes a look at the Teeter Hang Ups  and Ironman solutions.


Teeter Hang Ups Vibration Cushion



What are its Features?

The Teeter Hang Ups device is one of a kind massage pad, using the vibration technology to bring ultimate muscles relaxation. The vibration pad is designed with the most powerful vibration motors fixed within it. It’s uniquely designed to maximize the massage experience with the vibration motors torching every point of the body laid on the equipment combined with the therapeutic benefits of far infrared heating technology at the neck arch support point. This enables effective soothing of the muscles aches and stimulates blood circulation.


Untitled-1 The therapy pad density 
The main part is quite soft and measures about three quarters of an inch thick. It is therefore comfortable when using on any side of the body massage including the ribbed parts, which have massaging vibrators in them.
Untitled-1 User-friendly 
With this equipment, you do not need to use a manual every day to fix it for a therapy. Is it very easy to set up, attach the pad to the inversion table with convenient Velcro straps, and use to your satisfaction. The device also has a convenient storage pouch that can be attached to the frame of the inversion table for easy access to the remote. The remote makes it much easier to operate.
The LCD remote control gives you the opportunity to control the heating level, target zone and speed intensity. 
The vibration massage effectively reaches to target point like the lower back/buttocks area, and it allows you to increase the intensity and type of massage you prefer.

The device is not powered by a battery but needs to be plugged into the wall power outlet. 
Untitled-1 Neck support 
This Teeter innovatiom has a comfortable neck support in form of a gentle arch, necessary for enabling decompression of the neck areas while inverted and restoring curvature. The neck arch support is fitted with 2 infrared heaters, for deep heating, strategically positioned to target the upper back and shoulder. The neck arch support is removable when not in use.
Untitled-1 Storage 
You can easily fold it for storage
Untitled-1 Durability and maintenance 
The Teeter Hang Ups pad is made up of microfiber material, poly foam and metal/plastic components, which makes it so much durable. It is easy to clean and maintain it by wiping it with a clean cloth after every therapy.

What are its Benefits?

Untitled-1 Ultimate relaxation 
The vibration gives you maximum muscles relaxation, and helps to release tension from the body. It also energizes tired and sore muscles.
Untitled-1 Health benefits 
The equipment works as a therapy for stress relieve, and a remedy for muscle aches. It is encouraged by health specialist to get massage therapy session frequently to help your body not to become rigid and muscles not to pain when you do vigorous work. It also helps to improve blood circulation and encouraging mind relaxation.


This appliance is compatible with all Teeter Hang Ups Inversion tables EP Series


Ironman Infrared Heat Therapy Cushion

The Ironman Infrared Heat Therapy contraption on the other hand works almost similar to the vibration cushion. However, it has no vibration but rather carbon fiber heating element, which enables the infrared heating therapy on the inversion table to relief sore muscles, expedite healing of sprain and strains and reduce stress. The Ironman Infrared Heat Therapy Ironman Infrared Cushionequipment fits any inversion table a warms up in 10-15 minutes with the highest temperature of 140 F, the heat therapy gives an overall feeling of wellbeing with much emphasis on the back muscles.


What are its Features?

Untitled-1 User-friendly 
The equipment is easy to use and it fits perfectly on any inversion table using an adjustable nylon strap. In order to use it one has to plug it in any regular power outlet. It has an inbuilt master control box with LED readout with 0-59 minute timer.
Untitled-1 Remote controlled 
The infrared heat produced by therapy pad can be easily controlled using a remote control before starting the therapy or when on therapy.
Untitled-1 Durability 
The device is made out of molded foam padding with flannel fabric covering. The heating process utilizes the carbon fibers technology. The ultra-thin carbon fiber heating element is built to provide a naturalized gentle heat.
Untitled-1 Safety measures 
Heating is sensitive and Ironman appliance has been designed with precaution care and safety measures standards. It is certified by ETL/CETL as safe for use. Heating maximum temperature is 140 degrees F.

The inversion experience is much more than anything you have ever experienced when heat therapy is added.

  • It’s able to reduce back stress, reduce pack pain and soreness too.
  • It increase blood circulation and helps to soothe aching and injured muscles.
  • It also helps in expediting the healing of sprains and strains.
  • The heat therapy increases the overall feeling of wellbeing and ultimate relaxation of muscles.





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