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Spinal Decompression Therapy Can Relieve Back Pain

Chronic back and neck pain can really affect the quality of a person's life. Sleeping becomes difficult, so the sufferer is tired as well as being in pain. Even the smallest tasks become more difficult because of the constant pain. Sitting is uncomfortable. Getting rid of the

Effectively Stop Your Neck Pain the Natural Way

​The neck area is a common place for people to end up feeling pain. This area of the spine is less supported and often takes on the brunt of every head movement you make throughout the day. Since your cervical vertebrae need to be able to support

8 Benefits of Inversion

It is a fact; a majority of the population suffers from some type of pain related to the spine. Whether it be neck pain, back pain, sciatica or bulging discs in the spine, we all have experienced the aches and pains. On top of that fact is

How Can an Inversion Swing Stop Your Back Pain?

Many people practice yoga to help them become stronger, achieve better posture and improve their flexibility. Those who suffer with back pain and mobility issues often find yoga poses to be helpful for decompressing the spine. This is the same reason people use inversion tables. By removing

6 Tips for Choosing the Best Amazon Inversion Table

Choosing the best inversion table from Amazon can be tricky, especially since it is online and you can't exactly test it out. But, it can really pay off,  since there is a great return policy and they have the best brands online for you to choose from

Stretch Your Way To Better Health With A Back Stretching Machine

There are four major causes of back pain. Infection, arthritis, accident, and posture. No matter how you acquired your back pain, one excellent method of alleviating it is Yoga and similar stretching exercises. While these exercises can certainly be effective, for many, especially in cases where someone is

Looking for a best inversion table? Here’s the solution!

Inversion Tables – Which One Is The Best?   There is a huge number of inversion table models on the market these days, which invariably lead to confusion when customers begin researching the topic to try and make a good decision about which table is right for

Are Inversion Tables Safe For Everyone To Use?

Who Will Benefit From Inversion Table Therapy?  If you are thinking about using inversion therapy to help with your back pain, the first question you probably want answered is, "Are inversion tables safe?" The answer is usually "Yes", but you should always talk to your doctor first.

Overview of Inversion Therapy-Do Inversion Tables Work?

Back pain can be an extremely debilitating problem that impacts approximately 13 million people per year. It is one of the most common types of pain that will prompt a doctor or emergency room visit. This type of pain can be acute onset or can become chronic.

How to Use an Inversion Table?

Manufacturers of inversion equipment (tables or chairs) introduce a number of models, each with slight differences in order to meet as many customers' needs as possible. There are a number of simple devices with bare bones features, but there are also devices equipped with infrared heaters or

Inversion Chair or Inversion Table?

The idea for an inversion chair stemmed from standard inversion tables. It was meant to address specific customers' conditions. Whereas there are a good number of users who see inversion tables as the perfect tool for toning their abs, the vast majority of users have been drawn

Inversion Therapy and Heavy Impact Workouts

Can inversion table help to recover quickly from heavy impact workouts? Heavy impact workouts are hard on the human body. Although there are a ton of benefits to be gained, heavy impact exercises can have negative results on an athlete's joints, muscles and spine. We all know that

Can Your Inversion Table Help You Rid Your Body of Toxins?

Benefits of Inversion Therapy The human body is a wonder machine, with three different detoxification systems build into it. Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, these systems don't always perform at optimal efficiency. There are a variety of reasons for this, including exposure to environmental toxins that

Inverted Exercises & Your Core

People often talk about “strengthening your core” but what does that mean, exactly, and what does it do for you? Simply put, core exercises help train the muscles in your hips, abdomen, pelvis, and lower back to work together better and more seamlessly. This not only builds

Maximum Impact – Combining Inversion with Heat Therapy

At the end of the day, what inversion therapy is really all about is stretching your spine. Having said that, most users are brought to the notion of inversion therapy in a quest to alleviate lower back pain, as this is the part of the back that

Where The Heck Do I Put This Thing?!

The biggest drawback and most commonly heard complaint about inversion tables has to do with storing them. They're huge and bulky, and because of this, the most convenient thing would be to simply leave them set up and in position all the time. The problem with that,

Finding a Budget Inversion Table

Inversion therapy can do wonders for your back problems and is very definitely worth trying, but if you're not completely sold on the idea, then it might be a good compromise position to try it by getting a budget inversion table first. Then, if you find that it

Inversion Tables – Confusing Terms

When conducting my research to find the inversion table that would best suit my needs, I came across a few terms that confused me. Specifically, there were references to “inversion angle,” “angle locking device,” and “locking out.” It led me to investigate further in order to make

Top Rated Inversion Tables

  I have searched a wide variety of online sources, done my own extensive research, and compiled for you here a list of the best, top rated inversion tables on the market today. There are no ‘bad’ products listed here, only the best of the best. As