Body Power Inversion Chair – It Flattens Out In Rotation!

Body Power IT9910 Inversion Chair

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The Body Power Inversion Chair is the most popular device among inversion chairs on the market today. It is appealing to customers plagued with any number of back conditions and those who have mobility limitations, or simply those who are looking for a greater sense of security during inversion therapy.

There are two models currently being sold under the name “Body Power Deluxe Seated Inversion System.” These are the IT9910, and the IT9915. I was only able to test the first of these, so I'm not able to say if there is any significant difference between the two, except for their price—the latter seems to be slightly dearer. There is some data across the internet suggesting that the IT9910 inversion therapy chair is smaller in size but weighs more than the IT9915, but that information cannot be completely trusted, in my opinion.


Is it Safer than Inversion Table?

Next to the secure starting position, the heavy-duty construction of this device will be another significant feature that will add to the users' sense of security. Its stand is built of 2 inch tubular steel. The front legs are spread apart more than the back U-frame, creating a great height-to-base ratio which determines the overall stability of the inversion chair. The frame is fitted with two big front stabilizers and two small plastic feet. Needless to say, with sturdy construction like that, the inversion chair has a weight capacity of 300lbs.

Speaking of safety, one thing that must be mentioned about this model is the unique solution of securing the maximum angle solution. Not only can you use the tether strap to limit the angle of recline as you can in many other brands of upside down chair or table, but you can also do it using a long bar that you slide in designated holes in the frame. This solution is called “Double Safety Protection with Strap & Safety Bar.” I'm not really convinced that it's necessary, but it's better to have too much safety than too little.

There's one feature that differentiates the IT9915 and the IT9910 that I discovered in my testing. The IT9915 is fitted with a simple locking solution when not in use. This is a small hook and chain attached to the crossbar of the front legs. If you want to make sure the therapy chair won't flip unintentionally when you're not ready to start the inversion, you might use that little hook to keep the chair stationary. In my opinion, that solution will be useless during storage, as it will almost certainly fall off while you're moving it around. However, it looks like the engineers predicted that outcome, and prepared a simpler solution. There are two small rings welded to the legs of the frame, just above the crossbar so you could place the same yellow crossbar that is used to limit the inversion angle. That way, you preclude any movement, even during storage. I can't recall having seen that feature on the IT9910.

Comfort and Ankle Holders

Body Power IT9910 seat and back supportThe seat and back support are foam padded, giving the user a great deal of comfort and feeling of relaxation. Both are fairly narrow, so there will be no space to rest your arms on, I'm afraid. Instead, you can place your hands on the long, foam-padded side handrails so you can control the pace of rotation, stop it at any time, or get back to a seated position by simply pulling on them.Below the seat, there's a system that is responsible for bringing your body from a seated position into the apron position. The system is fitted with a piston to ensure a smooth, gentle flattening of the backrest.

One of the nylon triangle covers on each side of the frame is fitted with a small pocket in case you need to secure some belongings that would fall off during inversion.

The ankle locking system and its comfort is described in the section below.

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It shouldn't be surprising that the ankle restraint of this equipment is being widely used in many other inversion devices as Body Flex Sports is the owner of inversion table brands like Body Max, Body Champ, and Body Power. It is one of the simplest systems on the market, and sadly, is the source of more than a few customer complaints.

Body Power IT9910 ankle locking systemFour foam rollers might dig into the ankles when the user is in deep inversion. That drawback won't impact all users, because of course, it depends on the ankle anatomy of each individual.

The front heel holder is curved inward, and adjustable, so that it fits snugly around any ankle size. There is a spring loaded pin to securely lock the front rollers. Its lever is a bit elongated when compared to the same systems in other models, so you won't need to bend down too much every time you lock or release your ankles.

Also, the footrest is adjustable to a degree. To release it, you can use a plastic knob and slide the footrest into the height adjusting boom. This is a very useful solution that allows you to decrease, or even eliminate the distance between your instep and front rollers in order to avoid sliding your body down during inversion.

How Easy is it to Adjust?

Quite often, the upside down chair or table is used by a few different family members, friends and so on. That being the case, you'll need to readjust the device to settings optimized to each individual user. Also, you might want to readjust the inversion angle of your inversion chair as you become increasingly familiar with the inversion process.

There are numerous reasons to be cautious when finding the proper setup of the height adjusting boom. It's worth remembering that even if you have two users of the same height, people's weight distribution may vary quite a lot. That's why your real height won't necessarily match the height on the scale. You're supposed to leave 2-3” up or down to find the right point at which the backrest will start rotating as soon as you lift one hand over your head. Despite the fact that the height range given on the scale sticker suggests that this device accommodates users from heights ranging from 5' to 6'5”, it is likely that a user 6'5” tall will find his head sliding off the top of the backrest when inverting.

Adjusting the height is fairly easy, as there's only one spring loaded pin-pull that releases the shaft, allowing you to slide it in or out of the host.

Does It Invert to 180 degree?

Setting up a maximum inversion angle can be done in two different ways, which is proudly boosted as the “Double Safety Protection With Strap & Safety Bar” in many descriptions.

Body Power IT9910 tether strap

The Chinese engineers of the Body Power inversion chair decided to apply a solution in this chair that is present in many other devices sold by Body Flex Sport and nowhere else. So you can use a long yellow bar that needs to be shoved across prepared holes in the back frame. That way you can stop the backrest rotation at approximately 30 or 45 degrees. To invert to 90 degrees, you simply need to remove the bar.

The second component of the “Double Safety Protection With Strap & Safety Bar” is an adjustable strap connecting the stand crossbar and the backrest frame. Using the strap buckle you can set the maximum angle of inversion that you wish to stop at. Unfortunately, there are no marks on the strap to make readjusting to your preferred length easier.

Again, if you wish to fully invert, you will need to unhook the metal carabiner, as it will not allow for an inversion angle greater than 80 degrees or so. It's worth mentioning that this device is not capable of locking out in full inversion – you won't be able to swing free as the seat and backrest will tend to touch your back. Thus, the Body Power will be rather difficult to use for inverted exercises such as toning your abs.


Assembly of the Body Power Inversion Chair 

This therapy chair comes partially assembled, but that's a small consolation. The assembly of what remains is quite challenging, and this is the main user complaint for this model. The instruction manual is not very clear and the illustrations are fairly small, causing a great deal of confusion. You should be able to complete the assembly within an hour or two, provided that you get yourself a socket wrench and spanners, as the tools you will find in the box are rather useless. It's very likely you will need extra hands to assist you with mounting the heavy and cumbersome backrest on the stand.

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How Easy is it to Fold up?

As with every other inversion device, the storage of this inversion chair is tricky. You can push the frames of the stand together, but in that position, you have to prop it up against the wall of some furniture rather than leave it to stand on its own. Once folded up, the backrest flattens and you will get 70” high, but the crucial parameter here is the depth of the folded device. As it is approximately 20”, it won't fit under a standard bed. If you need to store it under a bed, you could try removing the height adjusting shaft, or even dismantle the inversion chair further. The problem there though, is that the more you disassemble, the longer it will take you to prepare it for each use. In no way can this be called easy storage!

As mentioned, the IT9910 is wider than many other inversion chairs or tables at 36”. This width ensures enormous stability, but on the other hand, that translates to an even bulkier machine that's harder to maneuver.



The this inversion chair has a pretty standard height for inversion devices which is approximately 60”. However, the 36” width is bigger than many other machines because of the width of its legs. The horizontal distance from the ankle locking system to the top of the backrest is 55” at the smallest height setting. It weighs slightly more than 60lbs. The scale on the height adjusting shaft suggests that the Body Power therapy chair can accommodate a user ranging from 5' to 6'5” tall.



  • Heavy duty, sturdy construction
  • Great stability, thanks to its big base-to-height ratio
  • Many customers find it much safer and easier to operate the ankle locking system in a seated position




  • The footrest is placed too high over the floor, which might make it difficult for some customers to use
  • No marks on the tether strap to make readjusting easier
  • Ankle holders might cause pain in the ankles during a deep inversion
  • It can fold for storage, but even when folded is still very bulky and hard to maneuver


Consumer Ratings

This device has been very well received by users who appreciate its quality, comfort and solid construction. There have only been a low percentage of disappointed users, and their complaints have centered around damaged packaging or product misunderstandings rather than having anything to do with the device itself. Overall, users rank this unit 4.4 stars out of five, which places this inversion chair in the middle of the chart among other inversion devices.

I had some difficulty assembling the units components pertaining to the seat and hydraulic cylinder , but after trial and error finally got it assembled and the unit works good…(Read more)



[contextazon id=’23’]There are very few inversion chairs on the market at the moment that allow for a seated starting position, then a flattening out following the inversion process. The main competition for the Body Power IT9910 is the Stamina 55-1541 inversion chair, which is $100 more expensive, on average. The Stamina 55-51541 prevails over the IT9910 with its better ankle locking system, but this is the only area where it surpasses the Body Power model. Is that enough to warrant spending an extra hundred dollars? For some maybe, but probably not for most.



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