What Makes Body Champ Inversion Table Better Than Its Predecessor?

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The Body Champ inversion table is the natural successor of The Body Max IT6000, with one significant difference: the new foam padded backrest. The Body Max IT6000 became extremely popular as soon as it was released. However, Body Max Sports Inc. must have been aware that some complaints were often repeated.

The Body Champ IT8070 inversion therapy table has to be seen as a response to customers' demands. It has a completely new backrest that gives a better look, and more importantly, significantly greater comfort.

The stands of the two tables, their handrails, non-resilient plastic feet, pivot arms, vinyl covers, tether strap, safety bar, and safety lock are all exactly the same.




Body Power inversion table

NOTE: The review below refers to the Body Champ and the Body Power inversion table. The two devices are exactly the same with only a tiny difference: the backrest design.  Certainly, color, shape and branding might have an influence on some customers buying decisions but definitely cannot justify the insane price difference.  As of now the Body power inversion table costs around $150 (including shipping), whereas its counterpart the Body Champ anywhere between $110-120!






What is the Main Difference Between the IT8070 and IT6000?


As with every other model of Body Flex Sports inversion table, this one is also fitted with the two U-shaped padded handrails. Thanks to their shape, they are always within reach of your grip, which gives additional confidence when inverting. Once you have balanced the table properly and gained a bit of experience, you should be able to initiate the rotation and stop it at any point, simply by moving your hands along the body. It's great fun, to be honest! The side handrails give you peace of mind in the event of a sudden dizzy spell. (Note that information about balancing the table can be found in the “Adjustability” section of this review).

While the IT6000 has a large bed with a nylon cover stretched over the steel frame, the IT8070 has a nicely shaped pad resting on the upright base. It seems like the whole idea of stretched cloth holding the weight of a user was a bit of a disappointment for some users, who complained about the crossbar pressing into their backs and causing discomfort or even Body Champ IT8070 Inversion Table Backrest Paddingpain. Even after a proper height adjustment and balancing, some people couldn't avoid having their head hitting the top of the bed frame. Body Flex Sports came up with smooth cushions to be placed behind the back and under the head in their model IT9120. As these pads are attached to the backrest with a stretching strap, they couldn't stay in place when some inversion exercises were done – especially the lumbar pillow. In most cases, there are a few family members wishing to hop on the inversion table once it's in the home, and it is very likely that one of them will want to do some ab core training. That improvement alone increased the price of the Body Max IT6000 by 35%! It's just not worth the extra money.

The Body Champ inversion table sorts out all of the above issues. You can comfortably lie down on the firm foam atop the backrest. There is no crossbar digging into your back and no bar irritating your head. The bed is a lot narrower than the other one, so you might find that there is no place to rest your arms, but at the end of the day, you are not going to doze off on it, are you? The main thing is to have a comfortable inversion table.


How Do the Ankle Holders Feel When Inverted?

Body Champ Inversion Table Ankle Locking System

To keep the price down, the inversion table can't be fitted with heavy ratchet locking ankle clamps. Instead, you get four foam rollers that you can easily adjust using a pull-pin to hold your ankles. It might hurt if used for more than a few minutes, but this is highly individual, and depends primarily on your weight, inversion angle, and tolerance for pain. You can work around this problem easily by using towels for extra cushioning.
Thanks to the adjustable front ankle brace shape and adjustable footrest, your legs will remain firmly locked even when in full inversion.


Body Champ Inversion Table Assembly

This is not difficult at all as the table comes partially assembled. Following the directions in the owner's manual, you should be set up within an hour unless you get stuck halfway through the process by missing nuts and bolts. Avoid assembly during the weekend in case your purchase comes from a bad batch and your local hardware store is closed. Among the bolts, nuts, and washers necessary to get the whole set up together, you will find a totally useless tool, so you're much better off just using your own tools. The one that comes with the table is really worthless.


Adjusting & Balancing

Adjusting is an easy, one step process that can be completed as part of the table assembly if only one person is using it. If your Champ inversion table is to be used as family equipment, then odds are that nearly everything will need to be adjusted from one user to the next, and this process can take up to ten minutes. First, you need to adjust your height. This requires the use of both of your hands, but is not difficult at all, as the ankle locking system is relatively light. Remember, you can't rely on the just the scale when it comes to finding the perfect balance point for your body, which may be a couple of inches higher or lower. You can easily determine that point by playing a little with the movement of your hands along the body. Ideally, you should initiate rotation by just having your arms crossed over your chest. Next is the ankle locking adjustment. There is a special knob that you need to remove to slide the footrest in or out so that it matches the size of your feet. You could use any of the four adjusting holes but then you'll need to get on the table, lock the front ankle brace and if you're not happy, redo the whole process, using the next hole, and so on.

Body Champ Inversion Table Height Adjusting Shaft

The ankle locking system is fitted with a spring loaded pin that you need To pull with one hand while adjusting the front ankle brace with the other. You will have to bend over as the pin is placed just between your ankles.

The next step would be setting up the inversion angle. It can be controlled in two ways. there are two pairs of rings welded into the frame and you can slide the yellow rod into them and secure it with a spring loaded clip. Using this safety rod, you can set the angle to 22 or 55 degrees (or 140 degrees if it is not used). It is strongly recommended to use the safety strap when setting up the inversion angle with the safety rod.You may also use the tether strap to set up the desired angle of incline. The nylon strap comes with a plastic buckle so you can adjust the length of it: The shorter the strap, the less the inversion angle.

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These adjustments are easy and can be completed within ten minutes.

There is one more feature to be set up on this machine which is even more important. During assembly, you can set the backrest to four different positions so the inversion would be smooth or aggressive. The Higher holes you choose, the more aggressive the rotation.

Please have a look at the “Adjustability” section of the Body Max IT6000 review for more details regarding the adjustment of pivot arms.


Does This Table Fold for Storage?

Storage can be tricky as it either becomes awkward in shape so it can only be leaned against the wall, or partially disassembled so you have a few smaller parts that can be more easily stored. the best storage method, in my opinion, would be to fold the A-frame first, disconnect the tether strap from the backrest and flip it over. This way, the table will become fairly high (75 inches) but reasonably flat at only 13 inches, as the handle bars and ankle restraints will stick out on the same side. You will need to remove the height adjusting boom if you are looking for a lower option.


What are the Body Champ Dimensions?

This table weighs in at nearly 41 pounds, which is a few pounds lighter than the IT6000. This is as a result of a considerably lighter backrest. The overall assembled dimensions of 58” long X 29”” wide X 55”high remains unchanged. So do the dimensions of the shipping package (5L x25W x45H).

Body Champ Inversion Table in full inversion

The table accommodates users' weight of up to 250 pounds and height anywhere from 4'7” To 6'5”. The scale on the height adjusting boom allows for a height of up To 6'8” and this is stated in the Amazon product description. However, the owner's manual confirms the maximum height is 6'5”. This is because you need to allow up to three inches for proper balancing, otherwise you may end up with your head sticking out from the headrest.

The Body Champ IT8070 inversion therapy table allows for an inversion angle of 140 degrees, which is very reasonable and an accurate description, in my opinion.

180 degrees is used as a synonym for “upside down” or “full inversion.” 90 degree inversion refers to a horizontal starting position. “140 degree inversion range” refers to a real inversion that is possible.

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  • Safety lock to secure the movements of the height adjusting boom. This might be especially useful if kids are playing around the table, either assembled or folded.
  • Foam padded handrails. Thanks to their U-shape, they are always in reach of your hands.
  • The overall weight of this table is less than the Body Max IT6000 thanks to the lighter backrest. This results in easier maneuvering for storage.



  • The tether strap definitely needs double stitching instead of single to ensure that it won't snap off.
  • There is no solution provided to lock the angle of inversion.
  • The ankle locking pin is placed very low so you will need to bend over and use both hands to adjust the front ankle brace.
  • Higher density of the four foam rollers would considerably decrease the discomfort in the ankles that some people experience during inversion.
  • Poor packaging


Consumer Ratings

The Amazon rating for this equipment is a very high 4.3 out of 5 stars. Nearly 86% of users are happy with their purchase, whereas less than 5% are so disappointed that they have written reviews to warn others of potential drawbacks. Most of the time, these were regarding the poor packaging and missing hardware.

The product was exactly as depicted in it's picture and of equal or higher quality than I expected. Given the price, I think anyone looking for a very good inversion table for home use will be happy with it. If you are looking for… 

Very basic table. It does what is expected. But found a few flaws compared with my Weslo inversion table from Meijers:…

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The table is, and we have to be honest here, a very simple and basic device. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles of a more expensive models, but rest assured, it will still get the job done. If all you're looking for is a machine that will safely turn you upside down for a few minutes a few times a day, the Champ table may be the solution for you. In addition to being lightweight, this table is also easy to fold up for storage. Although these considerations have been made for convenience for the user, the sturdiness of the table has not been compromised in order to do so.

There are a few comparable tables on the market introduced by Body Flex Sports, Inc.
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The Body Power table is virtually identical in every way, and as such, certainly isn't worth paying any extra. Another table offered is the Body Max Gravity Inversion System. This contraption feels shoddy and the design seems to still be in the developmental stages. There are pillows included, but considering the poorly constructed nature of the table, one would safely assume they are there to save the user's head and back from being dug into by the backrest frame. The higher price on the latter definitely does not reflect higher quality, but was probably established to discourage customers from purchasing it.


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