8 Benefits of Inversion

8 benefits of inversion therapyIt is a fact; a majority of the population suffers from some type of pain related to the spine. Whether it be neck pain, back pain, sciatica or bulging discs in the spine, we all have experienced the aches and pains. On top of that fact is that as we get older, the aches and pains seem to increase even more. So what can we do to relieve the pain and reduce the stress?

Drug companies make millions of dollars every year from people with pain, who wants to give all your money to them? What's more is that the pain keeps coming back, and that's not the worst part. Many medications for pain have terrible side effects, some are addictive, and when you take them for extended periods of time, they just don't work as well.

Millions of people just like you have tried the revolutionary inversion therapy and found that it really can make a difference! You don't have to try to cover the symptoms with useless drugs that only provide you with temporary relief.

The benefits of inversion therapy include (but are not limited to) reliefs from lower back pain, vast improvement of joint health, increase in flexibility, build core strength and improve your overall fitness. People are finding relief naturally in their own homes at a fraction of the cost of expensive drugs that don't work nearly as well as inversion therapy. Best of all, it only take a few minutes per day to use the inversion table.


8 Benefits Of Inversion

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When the body is inverted at only 60 degrees, the discs are rehydrated, the muscles relax, and the spinal column is realigned, thereby reducing pressure on the discs, which then reduces back pain.

When a person is dealing with everyday stress, they tend to carry it in the neck, shoulders and back, another area of pain. When the body is inverted, the pressure on this area is relieved almost right away and you feel better immediately.

Another fact is that when the spine and joints are decompressed, this allows the natural fluids and lubricants to flow into the joints as nature intended. This action can vastly improve joint health by improving the shock absorbing factor and strengthen the joints considerably.

When the joints receive the nutrients they need, there is increased flexibility, which also will greatly improve the functional fitness and encourage a healthier active lifestyle.

Many people also find that inverted exercise aids in building the core muscles and enhancing back health.

Many other forms of treatment for back pain often include invasive treatments like surgery and mechanical traction which can be painful itself. Using an inversion table is a natural way to remove the pain by allowing the weight of the body to decompress the joints the same way the compression occurred while the body was upright. Remember hanging upside down on the monkey bars as a child on the playground at school? Remember how energized you felt? The inverted position creates the best form of gentle stretching that enhances one's spinal health and relieves most back pain, especially lower back pain.

Other health benefits include improved heart function. Naturally, when the blood is able to return to the heart more quickly and easily from the extremities, the heart does not have to work so hard. Improved circulation occurs when all the blood that tends to pool in various parts of the body is flushed out and now the cleaner blood circulates throughout the body. Additionally, when the brain gets the influx of more blood this causes it to release chemicals that tell the heart to relax and slow down, which enhances the heart function.

Other benefits include reducing varicose veins which diminish greatly, as the circulation improves and does not have the opportunity to collect in the lower legs as often happens.

So it's obvious that the inversion therapy has many benefits as well as reducing neck, back and spine pain and other issues. The best way to find out if this is for you is to try it out and see for yourself whether this might be for you. 

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