6 Tips for Choosing the Best Amazon Inversion Table

Buying an inversion table on AmazonChoosing the best inversion table from Amazon can be tricky, especially since it is online and you can't exactly test it out. But, it can really pay off,  since there is a great return policy and they have the best brands online for you to choose from at your convenience. Here are 6 tips for choosing the best inversion table online.





It better be durable




Spend a little more, and you won't be sorry. The same can't be said if you go the cheaper route and end up getting an inversion table that isn't durable and ends up falling apart or can't support the weight. Most people are drawn in by the portability of a product rather than it being durable.

Most tables are heavy, and if you have one then you probably don't have the back to be lifting and bending, especially heavy items. Get a model that will last; you don't to worry about it collapsing whenever you invert.






Try to spend the cash and get the brand names. They are brand names for a reason; they are top of the line. They are a recognized brand and more innovative, more reliable and the customer service will almost always be better because a bigger, more branded company will have a larger customer base and more reliability. They also tend to be tested by third party compliance testing companies like UL (Underwriters Laboratories).

They are an independent, not-for profit product safety testing facilities that apply there UL marks to the products that passed the rigorous test that includes testing at maximum height settings. Testing the 300 pound load at a fully inverted position with the safety factor of 400%. Look for the UL Mark when you buy an Amazon table. If you can afford it, always go for a brand name.



Grab Some Add-Ons




The brands learn to differentiate themselves by providing luxury items to accompany the inversion tables. Some inversion tables heat up to further ease pain, some have lumbar pillows, while others have interchangeable parts to really enhance the inversion table experience. Make sure to buy a warranty though, because the little parts tend to break more often.



Make it a Smooth Ride




You don't want your inversion to be jerky, rough, awkward or unpredictable. Look at what customers are saying online about the actual inversion of the table. Some of the more budget tables will decrease in quality over time and inversion can become miserable. If you're unsure, again, go for the brand that is reliable and trustworthy. Try to test out the table first, or look at the bestselling table and check out the Amazon Gravity.



It Needs to Be Comfortable




>Most people tend to use inversion tables to help ease pain from their back, or some joint ailment. Using a table that isn't comfortable to use will do more harm than good. Some tables can have bad designs, or not enough padding, or are made of a poorer material. They tend to be used up to three times a day, so you'll really want to invest in a good quality, highly padded table that will help to relieve your symptoms and make you feel better.



Only For the Weight-Conscious




Many tables cannot hold an excess of weight over 300 pounds, understandably. However, there are a few models for the heavier set. Just be warned that not all Amazon inversion tables are created equal, and not all can accompany high weights. Some cannot even handle 200 pounds, so make sure to research the inversion table and get, of course, a higher quality brand name that is durable and made well with warranty in case something does happen.


Unfortunately, the downside is that 300 pounds is the universal weight limit, so if you are heavier it may be difficult to find an inversion table that will suit your needs. However, some companies can custom build an inversion table to fit your body, so it is an option, although it will obviously be more expensive.


Finding an inversion table can be easier than you think if you know what to look for and what certifications that you need to find in your new inversion table. Get a brand name table with a killer warranty with a smooth ride.

It needs to be durable and comfortable enough to use a few times a day without any harm to you or the inversion table. If you like, get some great add-ons that improve your overall experience and check to make sure that you fit the weight limit for the table that you want. No matter what, get your inversion table from Amazon to get the best deals delivered to you.

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