If you’ve been scouring links on Google in search of information about how you can relieve the pain in your aching back and joints, then your search is officially over! Whether your back and joint pain stems from a life of physical labor, or a car accident or medical condition, the results are the same. It hurts, and it’s miserable. It can, and often does affect your quality of life. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way. As you’ll see, both below, in the rest of this article, and on the rest of this site, we understand what you’re going through and why your search has brought you here.

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When you’re hurting, relief from that pain can become an all-consuming quest. You may have tried expensive treatments or pills, and for various reasons, found them wanting. Pills invariably come with side effects and can lead you to a situation where you become dependent on them, which makes them a poor solution. In truth, they’re not really a solution at all, because all they do is mask the symptoms. The thing that is causing your pain in the first place never gets addressed. The pills don’t touch it, and what you want is a cure. A fix. Something to take the pain away and KEEP it away. We understand that. It is the whole reason that this site exists.


Below, you’ll discover the benefits of inversion therapy, discover how and why it works, and get a sense for what it can do for you. Don’t worry, there are inversion tables and chairs to fit every budget, and the beauty of it is that even the fanciest, most deluxe tables you can buy are cheaper, by far, than those expensive medical treatments you found lacking. Our reviews are some of the most comprehensive on the ‘net, and it will be our pleasure to guide you to exactly the device that’s right for you. Your search for pain relief ends here. 


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There’s a huge variety of inversion tables and inversion chairs on the market today. Because of this, if you were to research them all yourself, it would take scores, if not hundreds of hours. We're delighted to make it much easier for you by sharing our experiences and expert advice regarding the full range of inversion devices. Our inversion table reviews are the most detailed on the web – yes, we know everyone says that, but we bet you’ll find information about the products we cover here that you won’t find on other review sites.Our inversion table reviews are as honest as we can possibly make them.

Sometimes, after reading one of our reviews, you might be discouraged from purchasing the table you originally had in mind for yourself when you read our review revealing the various weaknesses of that table. Our job is to provide you with the most complete and accurate inversion table reviews possible, so that your job of finding the best inversion table for you, is easier.

A Few Benefits of Inversion Table

Some of the benefits of inversion therapy are not immediately obvious. For instance, did you know that inversion can help both before and after a heavy-impact workout? It can, and here’s how:

Inversion can help before and after heavy-impact workouts

  • Before your heavy-impact workout – In this case, what you want to do is to increase the shock absorbing capabilities of your body’s soft tissues. You do that by increasing the amount of moisture surrounding your connecting tissue, at your joints and between the vertebrae of your spine. To increase the moisture, use inversion therapy, which will assist your lymphatic system and help you be able to work out longer, harder, more effectively, and with less risk of injury.
  • After your heavy-impact workout – You should consider inversion therapy just after a heavy-impact workout as well. Again, the primary reason for doing so is that it improves the circulation of your lymphatic system, and this helps your body rebuild muscle fiber that was destroyed during your workout.

Many of the inversion tables on the market today “lock out” in full inversion, meaning that you will be able to use these tables to perform a variety of exercises, all of which will help you strengthen your core muscles.

Even if you’re not a gym rat though, you can still see great benefits from inversion therapy and regular use of an inversion table. This is especially true of people who suffer from chronic back pain. Just by the very nature of inversion therapy and the way it moves your body, it helps to elongate the spine, but it also helps to restore your vertebrae back to their default positions. That is to say, back to the positions they were originally designed to be in.

This is huge because back pain is caused by nerves that get pinched. They get pinched when your vertebrae are out of alignment. You may not have realized this but it only takes a tiny amount of pressure on a nerve to cause pain. About as much pressure as the weight of a quarter resting on your hand, in fact. If that amount of pressure is applied directly to a never, pain will result. As you can imagine, bone, being unyielding will exert more pressure than that, by far, so if your vertebrae are misaligned, then they are exerting enormous pressure on your nerve endings, which are sending you signals telling you that something is very wrong. This is the pain you’re feeling.

By BruceBlaus. Blausen.com staff. Blausen gallery 2014. Wikiversity Journal of Medicine. DOI10.15347wjm2014.010. ISSN 20018762.

When you use an inversion table, it gently shifts your vertebrae back into position, taking pressure off the nerves, which is why you feel a sudden swell of relief. In addition to that though, just as above, when we were talking about the benefits before and after a heavy-impact workout, inversion helps improve the circulation of your lymphatic system, which has many benefits to your body, including the fact that it helps to rehydrate the discs in your spine, but even that is just the beginning. The act of inverting can relieve stress to tensed muscles, improve joint health, and increase flexibility.

Some people might think that because they have mobility issues, maybe they won’t be able to effectively use an inversion table. The reality is, the manufacturers have already thought of that. In addition to tables, many manufacturers offer inversion chairs. These offer increased security and ease of use for those with limited mobility.

What Is the Best Inversion Table?

Every inversion table on the market today is manufactured in China. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the table is low quality. Chinese manufacturing is improving all the time, and many of the tables are quite robust and of high quality.

The industry is dominated by a few major brands, and all offer a variety of models to choose from. These models range from very basic tables in the area of $100, to highly advanced tables costing a few thousand dollars. On average, a decent inversion table will cost you about $200.

The most widely recognized brand is Teeter Hang Ups, but these also tend to be the priciest inversion tables. They make an excellent range of products with useful innovations that make using an inversion table both easier and safer, but you will pay a premium for the Teeter name.

Not far behind Teeter is the IronMan brand. It too is well known, and for years now, the IronMan Gravity inversion table has been among the most popular on the market. Their models offer many features that have been well received by their customers. The IronMan IFT 1000 and 4000 have IFR pads to provide users with smooth and gentle relaxation of their back muscles and a few other IronMan models are fitted with braking gear that many customers absolutely love.

On the lowest end of the scale, Body Flex Sport Inc., have introduced a cheap but comfortable table in the form of the Body Champ IT8070, which has quickly caught the attention of the mass market. Probably the cheapest inversion tables are Emer and Innova. Their products and prices often fall under the $100 barrier.