How to Use an Inversion Table

How to use inversion tableManufacturers of inversion equipment (tables or chairs) introduce a number of models, each with slight differences in order to meet as many customers' needs as possible. There are a number of simple devices with bare bones features, but there are also devices equipped with infrared heaters or regular abs trainers. The fact that there is demand for all these various styles and configurations is proof positive that there are many different ways to use inversion chairs and tables. Luckily, the basic principles of operation remain the same for all of them.

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Innova Elite Inversion Table Review

Innova IT9250 Inversion Table

Reviewing the Innova Fitness Elite Inversion Therapy Table

Behind the name Innova Elite Fitness inversion table, there are two different versions of the device with the more technical designation ITX9250 and ITX9300. The only difference between these two is their backrest, but it is an important difference indeed. They are both very simple inversion tables, which translates into a great price of around $100. Despite their simplicity, the Innova Elite table meets the expectations of many happy users who are ready to accept the tables' few flaws and limitations.




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Body Power IT9910 Inversion ChairRating: 4.4Rating Stars 4.4 Review by Dave

The Body Power Deluxe Seated Inversion System is the most popular device among inversion chairs on the market today. It is appealing to customers plagued with any number of back conditions and those who have mobility limitations, or simply those who are looking for a greater sense of security during inversion therapy.

There are two models currently being sold under the name “Body Power Deluxe Seated Inversion System.” These are the IT9910, and the IT9915. I was only able to test the first of these, so I'm not able to say if there is any significant difference between the two, except for their price—the latter seems to be slightly dearer. There is some data across the internet suggesting that the IT9910 is smaller in size but weighs more than the IT9915, but that information cannot be completely trusted, in my opinion.

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Inversion Chair or Inversion Table?

Inversion table or inversion chair?The idea for an inversion chair stemmed from standard inversion tables. It was meant to address specific customers' conditions. Whereas there are a good number of users who see inversion tables as the perfect tool for toning their abs, the vast majority of users have been drawn to inversion therapy seeking a remedy to their various back conditions like chronic back pain, herniated or degenerative discs, sciatica, or neck pain, just to name a few.

There are various types of inversion chairs on the market today. Most of them differ significantly in their performance and features, but have one in common, that being the seated starting position which may well prove to be the perfect solution for people with acute back pain who find it really hard to bend down to operate the ankle restraint mechanism that secures them during inversion therapy on regular inversion tables. Also, people with limited mobility will feel much more comfortable sitting in the inversion chair, rather than struggling with the standing position.

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Ironman iControl 400 inversion table

A Closer Look At The Ironman iControl 400 Inversion Table

The Ironman has issued three models of their new line called 'iControl,' which refers to the innovative angle locking solution device applied on the tables. The new, very reliable braking system replaces the faulty 'Smart Gear' that can be found in all Ironman Atis series tables, as well as in the Ironman LXT850 model, which is well reviewed and has legions of happy customers using it.

The Ironman iControl 400 will assist your body by allowing you to gently stretch and remove the weight and pressure from your spine and joints, allowing a return to your body's natural state and position. On top of that, thanks to its new braking system, it is the perfect tool with which to perform inverted situps, crunches, and even squats, in order to strengthen your core muscles, which in turn leads to improved balance and stability and providing support for your spine.

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Heavy impact workout

Can inversion table help to recover quickly from heavy impact workouts?

Heavy impact workouts are hard on the human body. Although there are a ton of benefits to be gained, heavy impact exercises can have negative results on an athlete's joints, muscles and spine. We all know that for every action we engage in there is an equal and opposite reaction. This means when you repeat certain activities again and again, there is a chance of overusing and stressing out your body. Conditioned athletes are at a lower risk for injuries than those who do so infrequently, but still, amateur and professional athletes may suffer injuries while exercising.

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Emer Premium INVR-06B Inversion Table

An In-Depth Review of the Emer Premium INVR-06B

When muscles tighten, they can pull your joints out of alignment, and when this happens, it invariably leads to stiffness and joint pain. Chronic sufferers of back, neck, and joint pain know this all too well, and they know the importance of maintaining good joint health. There are a number of possible approaches to increasingly flexibility and reduce back and joint pain, but one of the best and most cost effective is inversion therapy using an inversion table like Emer Premium.

The Emer Premium INVR-06B design is strikingly similar to the Ironman Atis 4000. It is beyond the scope of this review to try and sort out which manufacturer copied its competition, especially given that both manufacturers are based in China, however, it will be interesting to compare a few aspects of both inversion tables.

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Yoga inversion benefits your health

Benefits of Inversion Therapy

The human body is a wonder machine, with three different detoxification systems build into it. Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, these systems don't always perform at optimal efficiency. There are a variety of reasons for this, including exposure to environmental toxins that can “overload” our systems, lack of physical activity, stress, or poor nutrition. An overview of our three native detox systems is as follows:


A complex series of glands and organs specialized in the processing of food. In order to turn food into useful compounds for our bodies, it must first be broken down to the molecular level so it can be processed, ultimately leading to all waste byproducts being removed.

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