Teeter Hang Ups EZ-Up Gravity Boots with Conversion Bar Adapter KitThere's no doubt that inversion therapy can be a source of great relief in our everyday struggle against the forces of gravity. It's all but inevitable: sooner or later you'll feel the misery of back pain. You can slow down the degeneration process by strengthening your core muscles and avoiding overloading your spine at work, at play, in sports, or simply by way of bad habits, even including your diet! In any case, the best way to fight against gravity is to make use of it yourself to find relief. You can try some great yoga postures, get slings, hang upside down at any chin bar, or simply use an inversion table.

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Inverted Exercises & Your Core

f246449.002People often talk about “strengthening your core,” but what does that mean, exactly, and what does it do for you? Simply put, core exercises help train the muscles in your hips, abdomen, pelvis, and lower back to work together better and more seamlessly. This not only builds strength, but also leads to improved balance and stability. Whether at work or play, most sports and other physical activities depend on the strength and stability of your core muscles.

Strengthening your abdominal muscles (abs) is important for your basic health. Strong abs help to stabilize the spine and keep you from injuring your back. They (strong abs) are important in virtually every sport, from golfing to running. Any exercise that involves the use of your abdominal and back muscles in coordinated fashion is considered to be a core exercise.

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Heat Therapy may alleviate the back muscles painAt the end of the day, what inversion therapy is really all about is stretching your spine. Having said that, most users are brought to the notion of inversion therapy in a quest to alleviate lower back pain, as this is the part of the back that is most exposed to various stress factors in ordinary life. Even something as simple and harmless sounding as sitting in a chair at your office for a few hours each day can lead to some disc degeneration of the lumbar area, and you'll almost certainly feel stiffness in your back muscles. In these cases, heat therapy can really be of benefit to you. I was hiking in some mountains not far from here a few years ago. The fantastic views must have really grabbed me by surprise because I stopped paying attention to my footing and wound up spraining my ankle.

The pain was horrible. I managed to get back with a friend's help. The scan showed that my ankle bones were okay, but of course that didn't take away the deep blue-purple bruise or the swelling in my ankle. 
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Emer Deluxe INVR-08B Inversion Table

Emer Delux Inversion Table in the Sub $100 Range

If you've got a bad back and suffer from chronic pain, it is possible that certain forms of exercise like Yoga can help. The problem is that doing exercises like this require a certain amount of back strength in order to be able to hold the poses and positions that the exercises require. For many who suffer from severe back pain, this is simply not possible. In these cases, an inversion table can be a godsend, because they provide you with all the same back benefits that Yoga and related stretching exercises can give you, without requiring you to hold the positions on your own.


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Teeter Hang Ups: An In-Depth Review of the Contour L3 & L5

Teeter Hang Ups Contour Series
You might wonder how the Teeter Contour L3 or Contour L5 differ from other Teeter Hang Ups inversion tables, save for the stylish curved frame legs that are easy to notice at first blush. There are actually a number of differences, but one that stands out from the rest. An exceptionally useful feature that's worth every penny. It's called the “One-Click Balance” feature in Teeter Hangups Ups parlance.

Being a happy user of one of the mentioned inversion tables I was able to gather all the information and write the Contour L5 review and post it below, however the same review can also be applied to the Teeter Contour L3 as the only difference between the two tables is their ankle locking systems.




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Where The Heck Do I Put This Thing?!

Teeter Hang Ups EP-950 inversion table storage solutionThe biggest drawback and most commonly heard complaint about inversion tables has to do with storing them. They're huge and bulky, and because of this, the most convenient thing would be to simply leave them set up and in position all the time. The problem with that, however, is that an inversion table in use requires much more room than a table just sitting in a room somewhere, which means that you'd need a fairly large room dedicated just to the table if you wanted to leave it set up all the time.

Also remember that some table models don't fold up or collapse at all. Granted, these are usually your more expensive, motorized tables. Budget models tend to be both lighter weight and more portable. Many, if not most of these will fold up at least to a degree.



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Finding a Budget Inversion Table

$100 Barrier for a budget inversion tableInversion therapy can do wonders for your back problems and is very definitely worth trying, but if you're not completely sold on the idea, then it might be a good compromise position to try it by getting a budget inversion table first. Then, if you find that it works for you, you can always upgrade later on. Fortunately, the major manufacturers offer a variety of inversion tables to suit every taste and budget.

Surprisingly, opting for a low end inversion table doesn't mean you have to sacrifice quality. It's not like you're putting your life in danger by using tables on the lower end of the price spectrum. There are downsides, of course, and if you're shopping for budget inversion tables, you need to be aware of them and the limitations of the tables you'll be looking at. I'll outline what those are below and you can decide for yourself.

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Inversion Tables – Confusing Terms

Inversion Angle ConfusionWhen conducting my research to find the inversion table that would best suit my needs, I came across a few terms that confused me. Specifically, there were references to “inversion angle,” “angle locking device,” and “locking out.”

It led me to investigate further in order to make things more clear before I committed to purchase one table over another. A necessary, time consuming task, but now that it is complete, I want to share the results of my investigation with you, in case you’re facing similar confusion, and you might be, because different manufacturers and distributors sometimes use different terminology!



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Top Rated Inversion Tables

I have searched a wide variety of online sources, done my own extensive research, and compiled for you here a list of the best, top rated inversion tables on the market today. There are no ‘bad’ products listed here, only the best of the best. As part of my methodology, I considered ONLY tables that got 4 and 5 star reviews from a vast majority of customers who had purchased them. I decided to summarize the 4 and 5 star review counts because these generally come from customers who are absolutely delighted (or very pleased), and would recommend the model they purchased to a friend.


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Ankle Locking Systems

Emer Delux Ankle Locking SystemBefore you begin any kind of inversion therapy, the first, necessary step is to adjust the ankle locking system such that it fits firmly but comfortably around your ankles. Depending on the kind of table in use, and its particular ankle locking system, this process could be quick and easy, or a bit of a challenge. Note here that you do not necessarily have to have the most cutting edge, “patent pending” solution. Oftentimes, simpler is actually better.

The ankle locking system is the most important part of the inversion table. Unfortunately, there has yet to be a system invented that can provide 100% comfort. The longer the inversion lasts, the more likely it becomes that you will begin to feel some discomfort. This is understandable when you consider that sometimes the whole weight of your body might be held by just your ankles. The level of discomfort depends on many factors, such as the angle of your incline, your total body weight, the strength of your legs and ankles, how long you plan to remain inverted, and your individual tolerance for pain. One thing you can all but rely on is that if you intend to do inversted training sooner or later you will suffer ankle pains.

Every ankle bracing and locking system consists of the same basic parts. There’s a footrest, rear and front heel holders, and a locking system. Most of these components can be adjusted to snap snugly around your heels and ankles.

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